ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update

First off I would like to thank everyone that posted on my previous thread, as that was the first post that I have done here. The amount of response was really great. This website has a really active community.

I read some of your replies before I went to the dealer and pretty much got that ZZR out of my head as my first bike, which the majority of posters thought would be a bad idea with my current skill level(no skill,haha). Which the sales person also agreed would be too much for me as a starter. I only got to sit on a couple of bikes as I got out of work late. The SV 650 and the Ninja 250. They didn't have any 650R's in stock. There was also a Katana 600, but I have heard some not so great things about them. Also the thing looked huge for a 600, not sure on the weight on it at the moment (would have to go look it up). Wait, just checked it, its 462lbs dry. That is a bit more than the others. The 250 is bigger than I thought it was going to be up close, And the SV650 S has a bit more of a leaned position than I was expecting as well. As far as looks, I liked them both. I know looks aren't the most important, even though it was first on my list on my last post, didn't even think about order of importance when I was typin it out. But still you don't want something that as another poster wrote on this website, will ***** you off everytime you look at it ( thats the dirt bike look for me, some people like it, I just personally don't think it looks great rolling down the pavement). Anyway the salesman said that everyone is havin a hard time gettin 650R's in, which I know is true. He said that there is a guy that has had a balck one on reserve for a month and a half now. He's gettin a silver one in this month so i went ahead and reserved that one before it got there. If I need something smaller I can just put the deposit towards a different bike. I know I should really get a used bike, but if I end up having to finance even a little bit of it, I'll have to carry everything as far as insurace goes. Whereas new, Kawi doesn't make you carry anything. On that note, I'm thinkin of carrying liability and then getting at least emergency coverage from blue cross/ blue sheild, not planning on using it(praying hard). Do I need underinsured motorist as well? I read on the last post that claiming a bike dump on comp is worse than gettin a ticket. I am also planning on getting a helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots. May end up gettin pants as well(heard its not good to ride in your underwear,lol). Something I forgot to ask last time. Do you guys think that I will have any trouble passing the MSF course since I don't have any experience? Any other recommedations for a sporty starter with/without a fairing would be helpful too, or what you guys started on. I am about 5'10 and 195lbs. and am athletic, lifting weights, martial arts, and like long walks on the......just kidding. I hope that helps a little. After I got home from the dealership i think it hit me, this is going to be freakin awsome. I hope I get over that weird feeling of havin nothin but your skin and gear between you and the tarmac quick. But then again the awsomeness of the experience is being out in the air isn't it. Thanks again for all of the input.
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