ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

I will be taking my MSF course the weekend after this one. Seems like forever. I've had to wait a while since the instructors only come up to this town once every other month from Miami.

Anyway once I am done (and hopefully pass) the course, I am looking to either go out and buy a new ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R. I have been doing late night research for a bit now on sport and sport-touring bikes and I have come down to these 2, based on looks, reveiws, and insurance premiums for a soon to be 20 year old. Unless the instructor says I am really not ready for either of these (might get one anyway, haha). Also I have never riden a motorcycle before but I play tourist trophy, does that count? just kidding. Anyway before I start getting yelled at about how the ZZR 600 isn't a starter bike because it used to be a ZX-6R, I'm not planning on doing wheelies, stoppies, tricks, etc. on it in the foreseeable future. Also I haven't seen the flashing lights in my rear view mirror of my car to date (crosses fingers), and I don't plan to anytime soon on my bike either. I have been wondering does the ZZR have a real aggressive riding position or would it be okay for a begginner? I'm going to be heading to a dealer tommorrow to sit on as many bikes as I can to get a feel for the different riding postions. Can't test drive until I get my licsence from the course. Don't think I would want to anyway until I get those basics skills I need. On that note also does anyone have a dealer they could recommend to me around the central Florida area. Any input (except for the etremely obscene/expletive kind) would be very helpful. Thanks much
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