New Law Spells Doom for Custom Builders.

I had a long conversation today with a good friend who is a custom bike builder. He's been in the business a long time and has had many creations featured in various print magazines.He says business is getting really slow, mainly due to a law that took effect in 2006. The new law limits a consumer to only one "kit bike" in his/her lifetime.In addition, the market is clearly saturated with too many customs and custom builders. With so many aftermarket parts available, fabrication skills are no longer valued.My friend claims his Custom Chrome and Drag Specialties parts reps are also slow as well.This law will help companies like Big Dog which has EPA certification on its models but the little guys are getting crushed.You may not like the whole "Chopper scene" but a lot of small-time working stiffs are involved in the trade and it appears the law of unintended consequences is striking again.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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