Big Brother & Your Bike Staff
by Staff
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't meant they're not out to get you."

It seems many of our faithful MOridians--that's you, our MO readers--live by the above mantra, and the more medicated of our staff scoff at their rantings on our abused and cluttered message boards. "Ha, ha", they say, "those guys are probably hiding in their bomb shelters wearing tinfoil hats."

Well, stock up on C-Rations and aluminum foil, because they may be right. MO contributor and renowned motorcycle journalist Fred Rau--whose credits include co-founding Motorcycle Consumer News as well as writing for just about every motorcycle publication you could shake a stick at, if you needed to shake a stick at motorcycle publications for some reason--has done some research on the nefarious plans government agencies, police departments and insurance companies have to take away our riding freedoms.

The results are illuminating as well as alarming. Read now, and take action, unless you want to end up riding a Nerf-coated 50 cc four-stroke scooter for the rest of your lives!

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