What is It About Harley-Davidson?

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
What is it about Harley-Davidson? A lot of people love them. Some people hate them. There's definitely a lot of "us vs. them" feelings from Harley riders and non-Harley riders alike. My first bike is a middle-weight Suzuki cruiser model. But I'm asking myself what my second bike should be and ... I want a Harley. A heavy weight touring model like the Road King or Electra Glide. Or maybe a Dyna Wide Glide. Or a Heritage Softail. Or even a Super Glide. They all look like nice bikes but I've never ridden a one of them. No matter. I still want one. There's just something very cool about a big, air-cooled, V-twin motor. About the way it sounds and the way it feels standing next to it. About the tradition behind most of H-D's motorcycles. About the old-fashioned solidness of an American-made bike. I like good things that don't change just for the sake of change. Say what you will about H-D but the company is a survivor. And last but not least, buying a Harley gains its owner admittance to the best motorcycle club/family in the world. But if I get one, how do I keep it from being stolen? And what's the truth behind the mutterings that some parts, like drive belts, still aren't reliable or that some parts on a Harley will rust in the rain?

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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