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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
What are you doing the weekend of May 19-22, 2006? Painting the garage door? Going to Ikea with the Spouse to pick out a new lamp? Sounds fun, but make sure you mark your calendar in pencil, because Motorcycle.com and Kawasaki Motors wants to give you the weekend of a lifetime!

One lucky MO reader will win a weekend in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, home of Infineon Raceway during the AMA Superbike race weekend. Ground transportation, airfare, lodging and meals will be paid, courtesy of Kawasaki Motors. You will get to hang in Kawasaki’s luxury suite at the racetrack to watch the races and rub elbows with the Haydens and other Kawasaki factory racers.

The prize is completely provided by Kawasaki Motors Corporation; MO is along for the ride just like the contest winner.

The fun doesn’t end there. During the four days, you will be wined and dined like the lazy slob Motorcycle.com journalist you will attend the event with. Based on our experience with Kawasaki, there will probably be some swag involved, as well as some great restaurants. You will ride specially-prepped Kawasaki motorcycles on dirt and pavement, and enjoy plenty of other fun surprises.

Now we get to the good part; we know there’s nascent talent amongst MO’s readership, and we want to tease it out. We will select the winner based on an essay contest thought up by MO's Maven, Ashley Hamilton, to wit:

Write 600-1000 words about your most memorable Kawasaki racing experience or moment. How this instruction is interpreted is up to you; if your essay is great, you win, if it’s crappy, you don’t. Editors Ets-Hokin and Hamilton despise typos and poor English. More than two typos will result in your entry being tossed out.

After the event, you will be asked to submit a follow-up story

This could be you!about what a great time you had, complete with professional photography of you and your new roadracing buddies. The story will be between 1,500 and 3,000 words and will be posted on the home page of Motorcycle.com. Who knows, this could be the start of a new motojournalism career! You can’t be worse than Gabe or Sean.

The deadline for entries will be Tuesday, May 2nd at 11:00 pm PST. No late entries will be accepted. We will read through the essays and select a winner by Monday, May 8th. Please read the rules thoroughly, MOridians, and best of luck! We’ll see you in Sonoma!

OFFICIAL RULES (written by us under pressure from large and un-funny corporate lawyers):

1. Contest is open only to registered users (not just paid subscribers) as of April 26th, 2006 of news.motorcycle.com 18 years or older who are legal USA residents. No purchase is necessary.

2. Winner will be selected from entries submitted to [email protected] between Friday, April 28th and Tuesday, 11:00pm PST, May 2nd 2006.

3. Entries must be submitted as plain text in the body of a single email (no attachments), with the following information:



Day and Evening phone numbers

Date of Birth

MO User name and email

Emergency Contact Information (name, day and evening phone numbers, relationship)

600-1000 word essay describing your favorite Kawasaki racing experience or moment.

4. Winner will be selected from the entries by Monday, May 8th , 2006. The following will automatically disqualify any entry:
a. Status as close family or close friends of any Motorcycle.com or Kawasaki employee of the last five years. [ Dale Alexander! You're specifically exempted. Don't even try, Sean.]

b. Poor spelling or grammar. Poor spelling or grammar will be defined as more than two spelling or grammatical errors in the essay.

c. Failure to provide proof of legal residency or citizenship of the USA.

5. Winner will receive the Grand Prize. There are no other prizes. Grand Prize will consist of a “Kawasaki Infineon Raceway Event Weekend” trip package that will be provided by Kawasaki. Package consists of: airfare, lodging, ground transportation and a series of events to be determined by Kawasaki Motors Corporation. Cash value has yet to be determined.

6. By entering this contest, contestant agrees to not hold Motorcycle.com or Kawasaki Motors Corporation liable for any injury caused by negligence, failure to warn, product liability, or any other tortuous conduct by any employees or assigns of the above parties. Contestant also agrees to not hold liable the above parties to any damages caused by not winning, whatever those may be, even if he's an extreme crybaby and likes to sue for no good reason.

7. Contestant also understands that he or she will be required to sign a release, liability waiver and indemnity agreement as a condition of accepting the prize.

8. Contestant also understands that any video or pictures produced of him or her during the event may be the exclusive property of Kawasaki Motors Corporation and may be used in their advertising and promotional materials.

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