Help Me Make a Decision....

I am 50 years old. Rode most of my life until about 30 but, have been riding "in my head" for years.

Now the Itch is too stong. While I love Buells, the Ulysses is too tall ( what a shame too ) and the Lightning is pretty much a 1 up bike with no room for gear ( I lug around a laptop everywhere ).

I have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 bikes. While I never wold have considered it, the V-Strom 650 impressed me a lot. I like the neutral riding position and nice seat. The engine is superb too...almost a poor man's Ducati twin.

The BMW r1200 GS wowed me over. A big bike but, seemes manageable enough. I figure with the luggage mounts the cost would be reaching 16K though. Ouch!

The Ducati Multistrada sDS 1000 tugs at my heart the most. At first I hated the looks but, man, it grows on you. That too (with luggage) gets around 15K. Ouch again.

If I had to choose 2 bikes that I wanted to zip around on solo they'd be the Buell Lightning (long) or the Ducati Monster S2R (800cc) or 1000cc S2R.

Long post...sorry but, I lurk on this board a lot. Keep in mind I live in the Western Mountains area in Maine along the New Hampshire border. The roads are FAR from ideal and I want a bike that can take it.

Any guidance, advice, thoughts welcome.

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