Battle Ready: Aerostich Combat Tour Boots Staff
by Staff
MOridian, do you own something so perfect, so molded to your needs that the thought of it wearing out or getting lost fills you with panic? A favorite pair of jeans or maybe a chef's knife?Aerostich is known for making riding gear that is well-made, perfectly engineered, and expensive. They happen to make a pair of boots that are designed to be the last pair of riding boots you'll ever need; "Combat Boots" for the open road.

Editor Ets-Hokin squeezed a pair from the folks at Rider WearHouse and has spent a year walking in their boots; read here to find out if they will be on his feet forever, or if they are just over-hyped and overpriced.

Read it, then come back and tell us about your experiences with this product if you have any or your own favorite piece of gear.

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