First Profitable Year for Big Dog

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Big Dog Motorcycles announced today record financial results. Citing strong demand and increased production from their new facility, Big Dog Motorcycles reported a 49% sales increase for 2001 versus 2000, resulting in their first full year of profitability.

Big Dog Motorcycles' exceptional sales were fueled by a dramatic increase in production from their new facility. The new factory has given Big Dog Motorcycles the ability to satisfy the greater dealer demand with more efficient production from every stage in the manufacturing process...

In addition, Big Dog selectively expanded their dealer network in 2001 adding authorized dealers to key areas not previously served.

"We have been delighted with the demand for our motorcycles," said Big Dog President Nick Messer. He continued, "Our strategy has been to increase the aggressiveness of our designs, focus on customer service and to develop a superior dealer network. These cornerstones have proved successful."

Over the last five years, Big Dog Motorcycles has produced record sales each year, with a constantly improving profit picture. 2000 represented an EBTIDA break even, while 2001 produced a profit after interest and all other expenses.

"Despite the September 11th tragedy and sagging economy, our company had a great year," said CFO of Big Dog Motorcycles, Peter Anton. He continued, "Our dealers have worked hard to make Big Dog the motorcycle of choice in their shops. As other manufacturers go out of business, the industry is recognizing the solid nature of Big Dog and the quality of its products. We expect to set new records in both sales and profits for 2002."

Big Dog Motorcycles L.L.C. manufactures a line of heavyweight cruisers centered around a 107 cubic inch V-Twin engine. The company sells motorcycles across the United States, through a growing number of authorized dealers. Big Dog's entire line of motorcycles can be seen at

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