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Yes MO readers, you're still near and dear to recently moved-on (I nearly said "departed", sheesh) Sean Alexander. He saw something that he thought ya'll might find entertaining. Begin the entertainment:

"Finding sellers of standards isn't always the problem... sometimes finding a buyer is!

For the past year, I've had a 1982 CB750K sitting here ready to go. Whydoesn't it move? Well, I'm too busy having fun riding and wrenching my'77 XS750-2D dresser. We originally got the bike for my father, but heis much happier on his 2005 Yamaha Majesty 400.

Even with new tires, rectumfryer, battery and carbs clean enough to eatout of the float bowls, I can't find a single person willing to take itoff my hands.

Know anyone in New England that wants a decent looking, nice running$900 CB? If you do, yer one up on me!


Should any of you yahoos out there show a genuine interest in this bike, email me ( [email protected]) and I'll forward your info onto this poor soul.--Pete

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