Is Increasing Teeth on the Front the Same as the Rear? Staff
by Staff
I recently went into a motorbike shop the other day inquiring 'dreaming' about the new Kawasaki 1400.
I have heard that some people on big fast bikes increase the rear sprocket by 1-3 teeth, to get increased acceleration as they are not interested in top speed.
When I asked about this at the dealer, he replied "We just add one to the front instead, and if you know abut gear ratios, you will know that it's the same thing as putting 2-3 on the rear".
So I could be thick, so I'm asking the experts on this forum who would definatley know.

Personally, I thought the rear wheel was the best place - especially if you wanted to lift the front now and again with ease :)

Any ideas on the Front vs Rear?


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