Advice on a Nearly New or New Sport/tourer? Staff
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I'm looking for a good town bike, which I can do some light touring on. Did a vacation on a Triumph Tiger which I enjoyed, but was really too high for me to be comfortable on. Tried on a Ducati monster, which I loved, but there isn't a dealership close by so I worry about maintenance and overall practicality. Buell's insurance is too high. My brain says a used BMW r1150r, but heart is leaning toward a used Ducati or egads! a new Motoguzzi. The V11 I should be able to get (maybe) cheap and the Griso seems perfect but expensive and new. Don't know much about guzzi's and hear widely differing opinions. I have a bad habit of falling for a bike with character. My current ride is a 1970 BSA lightning, which, leaks, smokes, rattles (a lot), and doesn't start at the most inappropriate times. I love her anyway, even though I'd like to go on a highway every once and a while and not have to worry if the bike'll start in the grocery store parking lot. In other words, looking for a bike that’s less than 500lbs, can ride upright around town, maybe carry bags, doesn't have a lot of crap attached to it, more or less reliable, and has character (no harlies please). Can afford a new bike but a penny saved..... Thanks

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