Daddy Needs New Boots! Staff
by Staff
Keep your eyes peeled. We've an article coming soon that you may want to read before you make a purchase.--MO

I need some decent boots for riding my sport-touring bike.

I've needed some for a while, but the new Rent-A-Cops at the Base are "cracking down" on attire requirements; one of which is boots that cover the ankles.

I live in an area supported mainly by nice people in Brown and White delivery trucks, so shopping around here is a non-starter.

I'm looking for a basic, no-fooling black boot for motorcyclists that doesn't look like it should be worn by a Power Ranger or a telephone lineman. It should be a calf-length model, comfortable under jeans, and styled so I can wear it at the office.

Since it gets hotter than, well, really hot around here in the Summer, it needs to be built with Gore-Tex or Sympatex, etc., so it is water resistant, but will let my dawgs breathe.

So my fellow MoRons, what boot would you recommend that fits my requirements, but doesn't cost an appendage?

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