'06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Freelance Journalist Ken Glassman brings this report from the Suzuki M109R Press Intro.

It appears as if Suzuki is aiming the M109R at bikes like the Kawasaki Mean Streak and Honda VTX-F series. MO has tested both of those bikes in the past, and we'd like to offer our own impressions from this M109R intro. However, Suzuki says they can no longer afford to invite large internet magazines to press intros and it seems as if all future Suzuki new bike events are going to be covered by freelance journalists who sell stories to multiple publications. This is a less expensive solution for Suzuki, with the added benefit of allowing them tighter control over who comments on their new products.

Motorcycle.Com feels as though we’ve earned (with twelve years in continuous publication, the largest audience of any motorcycle website and significantly more readers than the vast majority of print publications) the right to attend new model introductions with full support from the manufacturers. We have these rights with most OEMs and typically provide quick and insightful looks at the latest models. Perhaps there are better ways to save marketing money, than by excluding one of the loudest voices in your Rolodex?
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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