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Press Release: For Immediate Publication

Date: 04/01/06

Subject: Aerostich Introduces the Krilion 2 Treatment

Aerostich tackles the problem of poor visibility when riding in fog with its new spray treatment for motorcycle riders gear. Once properly applied, Krilion 2 illuminates brightly by itself, causing riders to appear as glowing apparitions. The glow level increases further whenever automobile fog lights hit it

Foggy conditions are especially dangerous for motorcyclists because conventional reflective materials do not work well in fog. Krilion 2 is not a reflective surface, but a transitional oil that is activated by the suspended molecules of moisture occurring in dense fog, producing an otherworldly glow. The effect diminishes slightly during rain due to the greater volume of water. "We've scared the heck out of some older drivers with this." Research tech David Allaband somewhat gleefully reports. "They believe they are seeing a really scary ghost, but it's well worth it for the increased safety."The secret behind Krilion 2 lies in deep sea biology. Chemists at Aerostich labs have isolated the chemical compounds used by the Lanternfish for bioluminesance.

Similar to the light produced by Lightning Bugs, the synthesized Lanternfish compound is up to 10 times brighter then insect luminesance per reactant cell. "This is a major safety breakthrough, but unfortunately we can't control the colors it makes," said Aerostich director Andy Goldfine. "Colors are embedded in the gene code and they grow different every time we culture it. Sometimes they glow white, sometimes red, sometimes they light up like a rippling rainbow."

Summary Points:
* Safety in the fog.
* No batteries.
* Self cleaning.
* 5 year life span.
* Tested safe for human contact.
* People will think you're a ghost.
* New Gay Color!

Riding gear can be sent to Aerostich for impregnation of the Krilion 2 compound. New suits will have Kirlion 2 as an option. Krilion 2 treated gear can not be washed, but will shed a thin layer of "skin" every 2 months, cleaning the coat and completing a cycle. The Krilion 2 treatment generally has a life span of 5 years. The introductory price is $197.

For more information about Krilion 2, visit or call (800) 222-1994. Contact person: AndyGoldfine Email: [email protected]
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