'$500 Fine for Failing to Pay Attention!' Says Mikenomad.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
How many times have you been passed by an oncoming car driving at night without its lights on?

How does this happen? First of all, turning the lights on when you start your car at night (when it's dark) is something most people do without even thinking. How do you forget to do something that you do every time you start your car at night? How do you not notice that the road ahead of you is dark? How do you go miles down the road without ever looking at your dashboard and noticing that the dash lights are off?

Yet people do it all the time. Not a lot of people, just people who are so lame that they fall into the category of the Criminally Inattentive.

And guess what? It's these same people who run over motorcyclists and then say "I didn't see him."

There's a pattern with some people who allow themselves to space out irresponsibly and endanger the lives of others.

And for these Criminally Inattentive people, there should be huge fines. When your inattentiveness reaches the stage where lives are at stake, it's not a casual matter.

When someone says "I didn't see him" after running over a motorcyclist or pedestrian, that statement should automatically be grounds for the person to be slapped with a hefty fine -- or worse.

Too many people every year are injured or killed by people who just don't bother to pay attention! It's not an "accident." It's not simply a misfortune that could happen to anybody. It's criminal negligence, and people should start being held accountable for it.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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