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I just bought my first brand new vehicle...a 200cc, 5-speed, air cooled single with a full fairing, kick/electric start, with alarm system and keyless remote start, for the incredible price of $2000 out the door. The importer didn't know much about it, just got off the truck this morning. Wasn't set up yet, I had to put the front brake pads in and tighten the handlebars before I could ride it off.

What can you expect for $2k? Poor but passable fit and finish, smooth ride, vague shifter, peppy rev-happy engine, and relatively mild vibration. It's a challenge to keep the revs down below 6k; I don't want to rev it out before she's broken in a bit. The keyless remote is pure bling. Being able to start it from the porch (as long as you parked it in neutral and set the choke) and then jump on and ride without using a key is flashy. The alarm system is hyperactive. Cosmetically it reminds me of a Kawasaki Ninja 250, but the guy says its hand-me-down Honda design.

Rides pretty nice. Anybody know anything about them? Checked out the website and I'm impressed. They have a huge range of product and the quality is at least good for the price. I expect to ride the kinks out of it and pass it off to a novice for a 1st bike...

PS. I got some pictures, but no where good to host them. Can email if you are interested.
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