Supermoto/Motocross Convertible

For better or worse, I'm moving away from a moderately sized city with excellent nearby riding roads to a really big one surrounded by a lot of flatness and straightness. I've wanted a supermoto for awhile and now it actually makes good sense as a daily commuter.

What I would really like however would be to have something that could go from street-legal neighborhood-terrorizing duty during the week, to reasonably capable off-road bomber bike on the weekends.

The ultimate setup would be something that I could convert reasonably quickly between street and off-road work. Appropriate sets of wheels and tires (at a minimum) for both riding genres would be the order of the day.

My questions, fellow MoFo's, is whether anyone out there has done this and to which specific bikes. My research leads me to believe that there are a few KTM models that actually had or have kits available from the dealers that would make just such a conversion possible. I'm a huge KTM fan and would gladly buy one of their bikes, but I'm curious what other options are out there.

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