Jesse James on T.V.? No Way! Staff
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Jesse James on Discovery Channel? What has television come to?--MO

Pop culture icon and legendary custom car/motorcycle maker Jesse Jamesexplores the world of customized motorcycles as he hosts and narratesDiscovery Channel's HISTORY OF THE CHOPPER.

In this two-hour special, Jesse profiles the true pioneers, as well as theunsung heroes, who revolutionized the custom chopper industry. Viewerswill gain an in-depth knowledge of when the chopper movement actuallybegan, and why its popularity has grown significantly over the decades.

HISTORY OF THE CHOPPER will chronicle another side of Jesse James and heworks along side his West Coast Choppers crew of master bike builders torestore a vintage 1969 chopper to its former condition – a bike Jessepurchased at a swap meet over 15 years ago. Jesse will immerse himself inthis bike's entire history, including learning about the men whooriginally crafted it, and the various welding techniques they used, tothe hand-fabricated materials that were used to create it from the groundup.

In the end, Jesse and his team will figure out how to restore the bike'sframe, gas tank and motor to its original condition. Jesse's restorationprocess of this classic machine is a tribute to his heroes whose ingenuityand creativity have inspired him and other chopper builders of today.

HISTORY OF THE CHOPPER airs Monday, March 6 from 8-10 PM (ET/PT) onDiscovery Channel.

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