Carmichael's Fuel Issue Being Reviewed by AMA Pro Racing. Staff
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PICKERINGTON, Ohio (February 28, 2006) – AMA Pro Racing announced todaythat it will launch a special investigation into the fuel situationsurrounding the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series.

On Friday, Feb. 24, Ricky Carmichael was penalized 25 points for usingillegal fuel at round six of the series at Qualcomm Stadium in SanDiego, Calif., on Feb. 11.

As part of a routine post race technical inspection at the end of theSan Diego event, the fuel from Carmichael’s motorcycle, along with sevenothers, was tested. The fuel from Carmichael’s motorcycle was found tobe out of compliance with the rules and the Team Makita Suzuki rider wasassessed a 25 point penalty. The fuel from the other seven competitor’smotorcycles was determined to be within the rules. The list of riderswhose fuel was tested includes Mike Alessi, Grant Langston, JeremyMcGrath, Nate Ramsey, Chad Reed, Andrew Short and James Stewart.

AMA Pro Racing has required the use of unleaded fuel in AMA Supercrossand AMA Motocross competition since the 2004 racing season.

In making the announcement that a special investigation will belaunched, AMA CEO Patti DiPietro noted that while a fuel penalty is notan appealable offense, there is enough evidence in this case to warrantan investigation.

“Our goal here is to get to the bottom of this ongoing fuel situation,”said DiPietro. “The rule on unleaded fuel is clear cut. If the leadcontent in fuel exceeds 0.005 g/l (grams per litre) it is illegal forcompetition. This is an objective, easily defined measurement that hasbeen in place for three racing seasons. What concerns us here is that wekeep finding fuel that is outside of the rule limits. We expect ourcompetitors to take every possible step to ensure that their equipmentis completely within the limits of the rules, but to penalize acompetitor for an offense that is completely beyond his or his team’scontrol is not our purpose.

“Furthermore, it is not our intention to have a ruling influence theoutcome of the series unless completely and absolutely warranted. Thisinvestigation will objectively determine all of the facts surroundingthis issue.”

DiPietro stated that an outside consultant will be contracted to conductthe investigation. It is expected that teams as well as fuel suppliers,among others, will be interviewed in this process. The finding andrecommendations of the consultant will be the foundation for any furtheraction to be taken by AMA Pro Racing officials.

Until the outcome of the investigation is determined, Carmichael’spenalty stands

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