Put Your Gear on and Survive Falling Off.

Hit black ice this morning at 50mph while leaning the bike over. While holding on the bars for dear life I was trying to get my feet in front for the median coming at me. Bike hit first throwing my head and shoulder into the median and over the top I went to opposing traffic. Luckily no cagers were coming the other way.
Long story short my Caberg helmet was gouged in the front top and bottom. The shield didn't break. My Aerostitch suit didn't burn through and my Gerber gloves stayed on.
After 5 years of putting on all this gear I needed it most for 3 seconds. I am going to PT for my shoulder (torn muscles) but I don't have a scratch.
The old adage still applies - how much is your head(and body) worth? Take advantage of modern technology with the best gear. My .02

Well said, vfryellowboy.--MO

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