The End is Here: Best First Bike: We Need Your Help! Staff
by Staff
This is the last in a series of polls/surveys. Please note that this Survey is different from the previous.--MO

Greetings, MOfos! Feature Editor Ets-Hokin is writing a story thatshould benefit present and future MOfos alike. It's a storydiscussing commonly recommended and purchased beginner bikes, with acapsule review and a MO recommendation for each one. He's interestedin what you MOfos think, so we've designed a brief survey. Pleasetake the time to answer it, and be honest! We need your seriousinput.

We'd also appreciate any comments and advice you'd care to give. Putyour real name in the post if you want to be quoted that way in thestory; otherwise we'll just use your MO handle. Please keep in mindthat anything you say could be used in our feature story, andanything posted on these boards is the property of

Thanks in advance for your advice and input. We consider ourselves areader-driven (ridden?) publication. There is no MO without youMOfos!

With respect to this particular poll Gabe says: "Add anything you think is apropos..."

Attention MOfos: It appears by various comments that many of you aren't understanding how the word "survey" fits in here. Everytime we put this particular news post up, it's accompanied by a new Survey located on the right side of the main news page. Sorry for any confusion.--MO.

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