Ducati Sales up 80% in Jan. '06.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
From a Ducati Press Release:


Cupertino, CA - February 15, 2006 - Ducati, the Italian motorcycle company worldfamous for crafting high-performance race, street, and touring bikes, announced arecord-breaking start to 2006, posting an 80-percent sales increase for the month ofJanuary. The strong sales numbers generated by Ducati North America are a brightspot for the global motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati Motor Holding, with the NorthAmerican subsidiary continuing to find success. This comes from the introduction ofthe retro-inspired SportClassic line-up and the new Monster S2R 1000. This summerthey will debut their most powerful naked bike ever, the highly anticipated MonsterS4Rs.

After reestablishing their superbike dominance in North America with the successfulintroduction of their red-hot 999R flagship in 2005, Ducati North America took theirgrowth to all-time highs by exploring untapped market segments with several othernew bikes. By expanding their popular Monster line-up with the powerful andaffordable Monster S2R and Monster S2R1000 introductions, Ducati North Americadispelled the notion they were only a superbike manufacturer. Their work introducingthe easy-riding Multistrada 620 only affirmed the company's new commitment togrowth.

"The 999R introduction showed that Ducati is and always will be about craftinghigh-performance racing bikes," says Michael Lock, CEO of Ducati North America. "ButDucati is also proving we can build our Monster line-up with the successes of theS2R, S2R1000, and the upcoming Monster S4Rs. We're really enjoying the momentumwe've experienced early this year from these bikes and our popular SportClassics.There's no doubt 2006 will be a year to remember here at Ducati North America."

Ducati North America's landmark year in 2005 and successes early in 2006 areevidenced by a 56-percent overall increase in total Ducati sales for the last sixmonths according to data published by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). Othernotable statistics include Ducati North America eclipsing fellow European brands BMWand Triumph in on-highway sales and market share for the month. Solid growth insales of their 501-750cc sport bike category also posted an impressive 140-percentgain compared to the same time last year.

Founded in 1926, Ducati builds racing-inspired motorcycles characterized by uniqueengine features, innovative design, advanced engineering and overall technicalexcellence. The Company produces motorcycles in six market segments which vary intheir technical and design features and intended customers: Superbike, Supersport,Monster, Sport Touring, Multistrada and the new SportClassic. The Company'smotorcycles are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, with a primary focus inthe Western European, Japan and North American markets. Ducati has won thirteen ofthe last fifteen World Superbike Championship titles and more individual victoriesthan the competition put together. For more information about the Company, pleasevisit our web site at www.ducatiusa.com.

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