Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Deux

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
After a 15-year hiatus, marquee scooter brand Vespa is makingwhat they hope will be a triumphant return to the US market.In what is being billed as "not just a product, but a lifestyle",Vespa maker Piaggio hopes you'll meet the nicest people ona Vespa.

Vespas dissappeared from the US market in 1985 because their two-stroke engines couldn't pass emissions. Naturally, the twonew models they plan on selling are four-strokes, and they'll hawk them in "boutique" shops that they hope will create an upscale aura around the brand...

The first boutiques open today in Sherman Oaks, California, with stores in San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Chicago planned for 2001.The two models are the ET2 and ET4, the former a 50cc scoot that has a suggested retail of $2,950. The ET4 will have a beefier 150cc engine, should be capable of reaching 60 mph and retails for $3,950.

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Brent Plummer
Brent Plummer

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