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How to insure my new steed in a cost effective fashion

Hi all.

Driving to work on Monday the traffic in the lane next to me came to a sudden stop. Rather than rear end the vehicle in front, a truck veered into my lane, I managed to avoid running directly into him but got clipped pretty badly, I then ping ponged my way between the two lanes hitting three cars, before low siding into a Saturn. My leathers where cut off by ambulance crew and the bike was totalled...

CHP said that the truck nor anyone who saw the accident stopped. It seems therefore that I am going to get stuck with the insurance claim. Obviously I am anxious to get back on a bike as soon as possible (Ordered new gear yesterday) but am worried about insuring the new steed.

Any advice.

BTW this accident is the best advertisement I have ever seen for protective clothing, body armour and a full face helmet.
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