Motorcycle Rights Group Supports Stop-look-go Legislation. Staff
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In my opinion this is an excellent topic to find its way into legislation at any level. Certainly many MOfos have had to deal with this dilemma. I'm not certain about the mechanics of red light sensors; I've been told that they're operated magnetically. Either way, countless intersections throughout the country fail to trip when a motorbike approaches. I'm not sure I like the ultimate attitudes of the traffic engineer or the retired officer but this is a legitimate problem that needs to be addressed one way or another. The amount of feedback on some important and fundamental news topics has been great! Keep up the good work MOfos!--Pete

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - A motorcycle rights group is supporting a Senate bill that lets bikers treat sensor-controlled red lights like stop signs.

Motorcycles often aren't heavy enough to trigger a signal change at automated intersections, so riders either sit there until a car comes along - which can take seemingly forever at rural crossings - or break the law by turning right then looping around and turning right again at the green light.

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