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A spinoff of stringent emissions regulations for cars and trucks has been longer-lasting engines. The precise ignition timing and fuel metering required to make an engine run clean enough to pass EPA regulations results in significantly reduced deposits on moving parts and reduced oil contamination, both of which drastically reduce wear and tear in a properly maintained engine. Along with improved oils and advances in metallurgy, cleaner running is now allowing car and truck engines to run for 150,000 to 180,000 before needing rebuilds:

Although not having to adhere to emissions standards as stringent as those for cars, today's motorcycles also benefit from cleaner running. Bike engines going 100,000+ miles before a rebuild are much more common than in years past.

Are stricter emissions standards going to kill motorcycles? Nope. As with cars, they're just going to run cleaner, go faster, and last longer.

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