Confederate VS Buell

I've just checked out the Confederate website and even though I've known about them for a while, I've fallen in love with their hard charging, anti cruiser v-twin bikes. So cool. Since I'm only a youg buck without the requisite cash, my dad recommended a buell because he saw one recently with flat black paint, blacked out motor, etc....My question is which Buell and which mods get me in the Confederate direction with (much) less cash. Do I rip the fairing off an XB9R or just start with the 9/12S model? How do I get that engine into 'Nasty' territory? And I'm talking Confederate Nasty, without spending a few thousand dollars. Can it be done? Ideally, I'd love 100+ HP from the small bore version, since a 25 year old insurance premium ain't pretty to start with...too many factors...please help me MoFos

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George Obradovich
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