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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Team Fast by Ferracci Husqvarna rider Steve Lamsonfinished third overall in Sunday's Barcelona Supercross. In only histhird race on Husqvarna's new 2001 CR250, Lamson won the first moto, finished second place in the secondmoto, and narrowly missed the overall victory by finishing fifth in thefinal moto.

The first moto of the three-moto "Ironman" race format saw Lamson jumpout to an early lead and never look back, notching his first main-eventmoto win aboard a Husqvarna. The second moto was much tighter, withLamson battling for the lead for much of the race before finishingsecond.

Going into the third moto, Lamson was the odds-on favorite to capturethe overall victory, needing a fourth or better finish to claim thewin. However, Steve was the victim of a block pass going into the firstcorner at the start of the third moto. The move forced Lamson to stopto avoid a collision, and relegated him to last place exiting the firstcorner. The relentless Californian fought his way back up to fourthplace, but was passed in the last corner of the final lap to finishfifth.

Despite the obvious disappointment of missing the overall win by such anarrow margin, Steve remained very upbeat. "My Husqvarna CR250 workedawesome. It was definitely one of the fastest bikes at the event. Iwas having so much fun on the bike that I convinced (Team Husqvarnamanager Eraldo) Ferracci to let me compete in the freestyle jump-off. Iwas getting really big air and the crowd seemed to love it." Inaddition to his race results, Lamson finished fourth in the freestylecompetition.

BARCELONA SUPERCROSSSant Jordi, Spain (Nov. 12, 2000)Overall:1. Wey (Yam), 51 pts.;2. Pichon (Suz), 50 pts.;3. Lamson (Husqvarna), 47 pts.;4. Lalloz (Yam), 44 pts.;5. Brown (Hon), 40 pts.;6. Larocco (Hon), 39 pts.
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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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