Don't Blame the Messenger Staff
by Staff
It might be -- or should be -- the goal of every moto-junkie to make a living riding his or her motorcycle. Aside from the God-like professional motorcycle racers and factory development riders, there are precious few openings for such a job here in the USA.

However, a few intrepid individuals risk life and limb everyday to get scraps of paper hither and yon in our megalopolises. Intrepid wordsmith Gabe Ets-Hokin plunged into the urban morass to live the life of a motorcycle messenger, if only for a day. As a bonus, our own Managing Editor Pete Brissette wrote his own memoir of his eight years as a messenger in Los Angeles.

Buckle up your motocross boots, spray another coat of Krylon onto your CBR600F2 and enjoy this description of Motorcycle Messengers In San Francisco and Los Angeles!

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