BMW F650CS for My Better Half. Staff
by Staff
I've been looking around for a good beginners ride for my wife. I didn't want to get her any of those cruisers that have the foot controls way up front where your feet should never be, except, possibly, on the freeway. But any of the other bikes I looked at, no matter what brand, put her on her tip toes, which she absolutely hates.

Then, I found a brand new 2005, F650CS. I had her sit on the bike and she was still on her tip toes, but the bike could be lowered for her, with no appreciable loss in performance. I took it out for a test ride, and found that it was very easy to handle, with plenty of power.
So, I had it lowered and bought it for her. She is quite little, so the power is even better for her. She can easily keep up with me, as long as I keep throttled back a bit. (I have a 2006 BMW K1200S.) She can easily do 75 to 80mph, with no problem. Because she is a beginner, we'll keep to the back roads for awhile. She absolutely loves the bike.

My only question is why BMW stopped making this bike. It's a great beginners machine.

The only drawback to having it lowered is that you can't ride two up, because the rear tire will rub the finder over any bumps. That's a small thing. I'm happy with the purcha
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