Retirement Bike

After fifty years of riding and ten years after my stroke, I retired from motorcycling and took up hacking.

I sold my BMW 1100RT, my Gold Wing SE, my Harleys, and my 11-second Excelsior Henderson Super X and bought something more speed appropriate for my age and health - a 2005 URAL Patrol with 2WD. I must say that I was greatly unprepared for my hack to be a totally different animal from a motorcycle! After a few months, I'm finally comfortable with off-balance tricycling and I love it. The torque-steer and torque braking now come natural. With re-jetting, less-restrictive mufflers, and synthetic oil, the Ural handles interstates effortlessly now, but neccessarily in the right lane only! I'm comfortable with the noisy cam drive gears and the Nippondenso alternator whine. I rarely find an off-road situation that requires two wheel drive, and I no longer sweat the deep sand road to my farm. I can even go grocery shopping or carry fifty pound bags of feed with my Ural! I made a few other changes - a tank-mounted reverse shifter, an aftermarket windshield, a frame mounted sidecar headlight, and replacement of the stock black vinyl upholsetry with butterscotch leather that I had puchased a few years ago for a Corvette project that got sold before it was finished. I don't miss my fast bikes at all. In fact, it's rather pleasant not being challenged at every traffic light. And EVERYONE, even old ladies, wave and smile! An unexpected side effect is that the URAL attracts more attention than any bike I've ever owned, including my Excelsior Henderson and my chopper. I don't know how much longer I'll ride, but I'm certain the URAL added a few years to my biking (triking?) life.
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George Obradovich

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