Breva 1100 - I Think I'm Sold and I Haven't Even Seen It Yet. Staff
by Staff
I had to sell my Ducati ST2 when I took a new job in the middle east - that one gave me a lot of joy, 30,000 miles covering a lot of country and some once-in-a-lifetime rides (like London UK to the Mediterranean coast in one hit a lot of times). This thing seems to hit all my hot buttons: firstly Italian, secondly sweet in traffic (which the duc never was), thirdly comfortable two up and finally, well engineered and likely to tough it out without the gentle hands of a surgeon/therapist (my Duc used to get trashed by the Duc trained 'technician' butchers, unless I took it to an ex-WSB Ducati race fellow).

Seems like a lovely machine.

Whether or not you buy the bike you love doesn't matter as long as you keep your username. That's one of the most honest and entertaining we've seen in a while.--MO

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