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Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
The motorcycle experience is marked by sensations derived from tangible things like wind, heat, bugs, fossil fuels and well-worn leather. But just because your bike exists in the real world, doesn't mean it can't be enhanced by the virtual one.

Michael Metcalfe, Former Chairman Of recently spoke about his new Internet venture, Motorcycles and how it promises to add pleasure and convenience to the sport of motorcycling. Read on for more details and a link to a real audio interview...

"We are going to build a motorcycle type portal that is going to do a lot of interestingthings," Metcalfe said. "We are going to focus on things like bike tours, trips, information, parts, live auctions, the ability to buy custom V-twin domestic models andtravel. We are going to make it easy to rent a Ducati and drop it off in Milan."

Metcalfe explained the bulk of the revenues for his new venture will come from the motorcycle parts business, which at this time is a $15 billion dollar market, ancillaryafter market items and auctions. Log onto to hear the entire interview.

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Calvin Kim
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