Motorcyclist Gets 30 Years for Causing Trooper's Death. Staff
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The below news items pose an interesting, if not a somewhat serious dilemma. The first is an older story that details the incident in as much as the report is correct. The second is the end result of the cyclist’s actions, at least as far as his jury was concerned. Following is a quote from the blog of Pat Campbell morning host at 540WFLA Orlando, FL.

“Donald Williams is a bad man. He deserves to go to jail for excessive speeding, fleeing law enforcement and a host of other safety related charges. The thing I'm having trouble with is the aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges. Williams didn't kill Trooper Haywood. He didn't run him off the road. A tire blow out at high speeds caused the trooper's car to crash. How do you hold Williams responsible for the actions of the officer? Trooper Haywood made a conscious decision to pursue the motorcycle in clear violation of his own departments pursuit policy. The only time the FHP can give pursuit is in a case involving a forcible felony. Trooper Haywood made a bad judgment call he put himself and fellow motorist at risk, sadly it cost him his life. The better option was to let a helicopter follow the cyclist. These charges fly in the face of personal responsibility. How do you hold one man responsible for the decision and actions of another?”

Mr. Campbell’s comments aside, you MOfos most certainly must have some opinion on this subject, no?

Click here for the older news item with some details of the incident.

Click here for the more recent item that briefs the sentence.

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