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Some of you may recall my request a little over a month ago for advice on the purchase of a cruiser. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 2005, 1600 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. I just couldn't pass up the end of year discount the local dealer was offering. Price was $8995. So now I'm planning a trip of about 1500 miles next summer and as I prepare to add some accessories to my bike like, seats, saddlebags, windscreen and risers to bring the handlebars in a little closer to me, I also realized that for an extended tour like this there would be other essentials that every rider should carry along. Since there will be many folks out there who have made significant trips in the past, I'd like some feedback as to the "necessities" any smart traveler should carry. Thanks in advance.Bheckel169P.S. I won't be roughing it. That is, I don't plan on sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent. Been there, done that.

MO readers will always have some feedback.--MO

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