Visibility at All Costs.

As an "older" biker, I am much more concerned with safety than I used to be (go figure!) especially with the incredibly dumb drivers in the Pacific NW, where I commute daily on a motorcycle. Looking at the back of my bike one day, it occured to me that the two turn signals are really not used to their fullest potential. I mean, they're "off" most of the time. Someone once told me that some Hondas keep their amber directionals lights "on" (although I haven't seen any) and when thumbing to go one way or another, the lights will go "off" alternately to signal the direction. This just makes too much sense! Why don't all bike manufacturers do this? And can someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to motorcycle electrical systems (not me) switch things around to have this happen with standard directional signals?

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