CVO Destroyer: Pete Learns To Leave His Mark Staff
by Staff
Fontana, CA -- Take one part novice and one part professional instruction;mix togetherthoroughly with street bike and marinade for approximately two hours. Removenovice from street bike and add one turnkey drag bike. Bake rear tire for twoto four seconds and then let mixture settle for 30 to 60 seconds. Set novice and turnkey drag bike at starting line. Turn on timing lights; apply fullthrottle then release clutch immediately to inject 165 horsepower. Hold fullthrottle for the length of a quarter mile or 9.96 seconds. Remove jubilantnovice and garnish with NHRA license.

That's a recipe that just about anyone with $31,249.00 and most of the aboveingredients can use to accomplish the same results or better, thanks to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and their CVO Division.

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