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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (November 15, 2005)—West Virgina Riders has announcedthat it is now taking reservations for its Sea to Shining Sea Tour, aguided tour crossing the entire continent, covering 4,000 miles in twoweeks, without using a single interstate. The event will take place inJune 2006...

The company, best known for its guided tours of West Virginia andmotorcycle rentals, decided to incorporate its local formula on acontinent-spanning adventure. “Interstates are great for making time,”said owner Brian Schreurs, “but there is no better way to truly appreciatethis nation than to travel coast to coast using only the so-called bluehighways.”

Adventurers willing to brave the backroads and the elements will travelbetween Cape Henlopen, Del., and Point Reyes, Calif.—with one grouptraveling east to west, and a second making the return journey. Elevationwill range from sea level to 14,200 feet; terrain will include seashore,mountains, plains, forests, and deserts; riders will brave sun, rain,wind, and maybe even some snow. Highlights will include national landmarkssuch as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and the National Capitol;motorcyclist landmarks such as the Tail of the Dragon, Trail Ridge Road,and the Blue Ridge Parkway; and uncountable sights, sounds, and feelingswaiting to be discovered around every two-lane bend.

Each group, limited to three adventurers and unencumbered by a chasevehicle, will spend eight to twelve hours a day on the road. “There arevacations, and then there are adventures,” said Schreurs. “In anadventure, you pack what you can carry. The feeling of liberation fromliving out of a duffel bag for a couple of weeks is amazing. Lifting theburden of excess baggage also lifts a burden from the soul.”

West Virginia Riders emphasizes the flexibility and greater intimacy ofsmall tour groups. This allows the group to stop anywhere without havingto worry about whether there’s enough room for all riders. It also keepsthe schedule flexible, and makes it easy for everyone to stay involved.But with extremely limited availability, the company expects the tour tofill early.

Potential adventurers wishing to learn more about the Sea to Shining SeaTour and West Virginia Riders can log on to West Virginia Riders orcall 304/692-1463.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
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