Prayers for an Old Friend. Staff
by Staff
Yesterday evening one of my old riding buddies was hit from behind while riding at the speed limit by a young gal who was apparently otherwise occupied.

He is now in critical condition at ruby memorial hospital in Morgantown WV.

Following is the text of the notice that we recived at our office:

"I'm sure you have heard that Lou Grogg was in an accident yesterday evening on his motorcycle. I talked to **** this morning and she said that they are doing exploratory stomach surgery on him right now. The nurse came out and said they hadn't found any problems in his stomach. He has a broken pelvis that is a wide open break and the orthopedic doctor is repairing it now. His main arteries in his legs are ok. He has a break in back at T8 and is paralyzed from there down. Don't know if this is permanent. Both lungs are punctured and possible damage to heart. He was alert enough to talk to paramedics when accident happened to have them call *****and she has talked to him a couple of times. I asked *****if we could do anything and she said to just pray for him. If I hear any updates on his condition I will let you know."

I repeat his wife's request, Please pray for Lou. The local law will deal with the idiot who, for what ever reason ran him down.

Local News link:

Terrible tragedy. MO empathizes. :-(

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