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by Staff
I just took a test ride on the 2006 BMW R1200RT.

Now, to start with, I have to admit that I'm a Goldwing baby, and have been for years, so the ride on anything else will probably not stack up as well as the Wing. Having said this, I must admit that the ride was quite comfortable and smooth. What impressed me most about this machine was the ease in shifting. The bike quite literally throws itself into the next gear!

Power is adaquate, and, once under way on the freeway, I found that the R1200RT is very smooth and quiet. And I loved the instrument layout! There's so much information given to the rider that it's almost as though one were sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but you get my point.

Being able to adjust suspension on the fly is a Godsend! What a great idea! I have always been of the impression that BMW puts a huge amount of thought into they're cycle products.

Overall, I found the experience very enjoyable. The bike, as I said, has adaquate power, is easy to handle, looks nice, and shifts like a dream. I had absolutely no problem with the windscreen. I never look through a windscreen, but, rather, over it, so I just brought it up enough to keep the wind out of my face. And I felt absolutely no buffeting at speeds of 80 MPH and over.

I read that BMW bikes sound like a wet fart. This was my first ride on a BMW product, and, true enough, the R1200RT sounds as described. That is probably a small thing to most riders, but to me it's a bit of a put-off. I mean, it's like watching a P-51 Mustang at the Reno Air Races fly past that sounds like a Piper Cub. That just wouldn't fit.

I found that I had to be a bit more aggressive with the throttle. On the wing the throttle is quite a bit smoother. I actually stalled the engine the first time I let out the clutch, but I got used to it pretty quick.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking at the Honda ST1300, If I can find one. Moma says I'm cleared hot to buy a bike in this class, and she said I could keep my Goldwing too! What a gal I have!


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