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Every year in this country approximately 40,000 people are killed in accidents involving vehicles. Half of these accidents involve drunk drivers.

If America was able to actually rid itself of drunk drivers it would theoretically safe 20,000 lives a year, in addition to eliminating countless injuries, many of which are life altering. But no matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to do this - stop drunk driving.

Several European countries are using a technique which seems to work, very well - a DUI Re-education Camp. Could this work here? In America?

We can't speak for the accuracy of the numbers mentioned, nor if the 'DUI Boot Camps' actually exist. Nevertheless, it is an interesting concept. There must be at least one or two MOfos with comments? C'mon, just a little one? Pretty please?--MO

These are not nice places. They involve a mandatory live-in scenario where anybody caught / convicted of drunk driving lived for two to six weeks, isolated from family, their job, friends, etc. The impact of these camps has been so severe that people actually will NOT drive if they have been drinking, at all. They have no desire to be re-educated (as it were) in such a fashion.

If America was to establish a similar scenario the incident of drunk driving would shrink to nearly zero although it might take six months to a year. The savings in life, limb and money would be astounding. There would be serious impact . . . to the drunks.

States or the Federal Government would establish a Marine Corps style basic training camp in a remote area such as Wyoming or Texas. Similar to Marine Corps style boot camp, everybody awakes at 5:00 am, is exercised, fed, given basic training in traffic safety, offered detoxification (for the hard corps drunks) and finally graduation. Not a drop of alcohol will be served and the food offered will be military style.

Anybody caught driving drunk must attend - anybody. It matters not if the violator is a single mother, a politician, a CEO, doctor, lawyer, rich, poor, foreign, domestic - anybody who is caught, goes!

Although expensive to establish the money to do this can come from the attendees. The courts should (and must) force them to pay for it.

The initial suggested time to graduate is six weeks. The camp could (and should) be established by former Marine Corps Drill Instructors -- they have the ability, and attitude to create a thoroughly miserable environment where people can dry out and LEARN that they have done wrong.

If this country has the courage to do this, the prediction is that the horrible impact of this camp will force people to really think before they get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. And it just might do the trick.

Twenty-thousand people saved from death per year and hundreds of thousands of fewer injuries. Makes sense, yes?

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