Have Canoe, Will Travel.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
"Nearly every time we stopped, there were people who wanted to talk about bikes, or boats ... or both."

By Rolf Kraiker

The old man on his way to the trash bin was obviously employed by the fast-food joint where we’d stopped for a coffee break. As he passed the space where my wife and I had parked our motorcycles, he paused to glance at the bikes. “Your machines?” he asked.

Here's a well-written story of two worlds colliding, dare I say beautifully. This piece is full of great insights regardless of one's favorite vehicle of escape. Mr. Kraiker has done a great job of blending two worlds into one that requires that neither be the supreme of the other. Quite frankly I'm jealous. If the boss gets a read of this story I wouldn't be surprised at fanciful ideas of conjoining the two sites. Our fearless Maven would do just what Rolf has done here but to the Nth degree.--Pete

Here's some of my favorite quotes:

"Modern life tends to dull the senses, while wilderness trips reawaken them. "

"When a grandmotherly woman wearing nothing but a thong bikini and leather chaps passed us, we decided it was time to escape to the open road again."

"...the key to enjoying travel by either bike or canoe is not dissimilar: it’s the journey that counts, not the destination"

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Motorcycle.com Staff
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