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This question is probably one of the most posted questions. But here goes anyway. I just registered today, so forgive the lack of understanding about protocol. I hope this is going to the forums!

I get my license mid November after taking the Basic Rider Training Course and going down to the DMV to take the written test. Believe it or not I have never even driven a cycle. I have driven a quad, but that is it.

I have always admired Harley, I think they look and sound so good. My wife loves them too. After I get my license I want to buy a Harley, but not sure which one. My budget is limited to 10k and under. I am making the switch to save on gas spending. My SUV cost 90 bux to fill every week now. I want to park the SUV and ride a bike to work.

Any suggestions on a good beginners Harley bike? I am currently looking at the Sporsters models. Since I am new to all of this I was thinking a new bike might be best. Then I can have the dealer do all the maintenance and such until I learn more about bikes. Also new means I know that the bike is solid and not raced, crashed, or whatever.

I am 29, and just now getting into this all. I am tired of looking at bikers and wishing I could ride as well. Now it is time to join the ranks.

Welcome to the wonderful world of two wheels. The MO faithful are sure to have plenty of suggestions for ya. Now, you MO faithful be sure to give him useful suggestions along with your usual banter about which bike is best...--Pete
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