Dirty's Playbike -- The DRZ 400 SM

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
You're minding your own business really, just tooling along a windingsuburban road in an upscale neighborhood. You know the type; lush lawns rolling down to the street, driveways every hundred feet or so, leavesin the gutters, fancy mailboxes and soccer moms blasting out of theirdriveways at mach one, cell phone to ear and eyes on the back seat.

Say your final prayers, buddy, because this is it, the motorcycleaccident everyone always warned you about. Your number is up and you'regetting ready to screw that pooch. Aren't you glad you're on Suzuki'sstreet-legal Supermoto, the DRZ 400 SM? Squeeze the frontbrake to transfer weight forward, simultaneously dropping three gearsand feathering the clutch. The back tire starts to howl and chatter nowas you press the right grip forward, slamming the bike to the right andsliding sideways as you aim for the S.S. Soccer Mom's tail.

It's true -- Sean "Dirty" Alexander managed to stay out of jail whilst testing the DRZ SuperMoto. Could you show such restraint? You think you can, but once ridden the bike calls to you like a modern-day Siren... 'Misbehave!' it purrs. Your resolve weakens and shortly, you're all too ready to comply... --MO

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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