Chicks Dig Bikes...For Themselves! Staff
by Staff
More women are switching gears, from the safety of cars to the freedom of motorcycles

It's after dark on a work night. The freeway is jammed with commuters trying to get home. Brake lights line the road like Christmas ornaments.

Jacqueline Tona fires up her Suzuki GSXR. Six-hundred cubic centimeters of metal and torque roar to life, then purr. She pulls out of a parking lot in Burlingame and wends her way to the on-ramp. Traffic is slow but steady. Tona doesn't hesitate a bit, just twists the throttle and glides the bike expertly between two cars. Checks left and back. Then moves to the next lane. Until she's flying, nothing between her boots and swiftly moving pavement but a small foot-peg.

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