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Heres the deal: I'm a 46 year old guy that has ridden dirt bikes when I was younger and been banged up pretty badly when I was younger. I was 18 when I bought my first street bike it was a CB400 back then and had street bikes most of my life.

I currently own a Harley Davidson Fatboy that I now have up for sale this fall and I am seriously looking into the sportbike world and I thought I would get opinion from a crowd that is in the know. So here goes. I'm considering buying a sportbike in the spring. I have a few bikes I am considering like the Yamaha FZ1 and the Triumph 955i but the bike that I really love is the RC51.

Hmmm...How much you wanna bet there's plenty of opinions from MO readers? Let 'em have it guys!

Being employed by Honda here in Canada I do get a considerable discount on buying a Honda Motorcycle but from those regular sportbike riders what would you consider as a good bike for me. I don't ride as much as I would like because I'm older and have other responsebilities I ride gernerally about 7,000 miles a year mostly 3 hour trips at the longest. Keep in mind I'm somewhat older and suffer from aches and pains after long rides but I would like opinions from the riding crowds out there.
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