Nolan N102 Modular Helmet Review Staff
by Staff
Fred Rau begins his review of the the new Nolan N102 Modular (flip-up) helmet thusly: "When they first came on the market over a decade ago, modular (flip-face) helmets were something I would never wear, or recommend to friends. The chinbar retention systems and general structural integrity of this type of helmet construction just wasn't stout enough, in my opinion, to provide the proper level of protection, despite DOT approval."

But there's another reason to be skeptical about this style of helmet -- I'm here to tell you MOFOs, if you walk around in the grocery store with your flip-up helmet on and flipped up, you're a dork. Don't do it. Resist the urge! It's not cool, chicks don't dig it and imagine your horror if Joan Rivers and the fashion police spotlight you on some equally inane TV show!

What say you, MOFOs -- squidlids or the greatest helmet idea since, well, the helmet?


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