Big-Inch Suzuki Roars Onto the Boulevard Staff
by Staff
There's another "monster cruiser" contender on the block. Suzuki has just introduced the new Boulevard M109R, an 1800cc V-twin with a snarky-looking bikini fairing and low-slung seat. The fuel-injected DOHC 54-degree twin breathes through a large-volume (9.5-liter) three-piece airbox. A special cam drive arrangement keeps the engine's top end compact and low, and a dry-sump oil system allows it to be set low in the frame, giving the bike a very low center of gravity. Complementing the increased flow of the airbox is an electronically controlled variable-volume exhaust system -- undoubtedly similar in function to Yamaha's EXUP setup. Radial-mounted four-piston calipers squeeze the dual 310-mm front discs while a two-piston caliper grabs the single 275-mm rear rotor. Dry weight is 695 lbs. A shootout between the new pumped-up Suzuki and the Vulcan 2000 is inevitable.

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