Two Survivors: The Story of Celmile Holloway Staff
by Staff
Ex-Marine and current Army reservist Gabe Ets-Hokin was recently called up to duty to help assist in the aftermath of Katrina. Being the observant and compassionate soul that he is, he found a kindred spirit in one of our own. Read of his times in the Gulf Coast as a serviceman and a motorcyclist-at-heart as he sheds light on the trials of a cycling comrade.

Note -- I'm going to send Mr. Holloway $100 and phone calling card -- he is currently only reachable via a mail drop -- and our friends at BikeBandit have agreed to prepare a parts allotment for him. While MO isn't set up to accept charitable donations (we ask that you donate to the Red Cross general fund, as any help you'd give here isn't tax deductible), if you'd like to directly help Mr. Holloway as well, feel free to email me and I'll let you know how. It's nice to help individuals, very tangible results...


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